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He llegado!

Mexico, D.F.

sunny 24 °C

So I'm in Mexico City, I have arrived. From the very beginning- the arrival at the airport, I realized how different things are going to be. My luggage didn't arrive, which worried me, but didn't seem to bother anyone else at all (which makes sense actually). Anyway, finally one of the employees realized that in Atlanta it had been pulled aside from some extra security scans (x-rays too!) and they neglected to put it back on my plane :) It arrived a few hours later on a different plane. The house I'm staying at is interesting, to say the least. It's incredibly different to my house in Canada. First of all, they have maids, who (with the family) live in the house too. This wasn't such a shock as it's a fairly common thing in South Africa as well. However, in Canada we don't have this (at my house at least).
Anyway, that's something to get accustomed to again.
Luckily, health wise it hasn't been as bad as I predicted... yet. haha.
So I've just been checking out parts of the city at this point. I live in a fairly safe neighbourhood, so I've been doing everything alone. Today I ventured off into the depths of a forest- really, a park nearby.
It's the biggest park within a city in North America I think. Something like that?
I saw a castle, some lakes and very few tourists.
That's one thing that has surprised me thus far- the lack of tourists. I'm used to going to places where there is always an abundance of them- not here. Just interesting really, making these little observations.
I actually am feeling pretty stable emotionally, which is a bit surprising too. I thought I'd be more upset, but I'm ok. I miss people, but I have a really strong desire to explore.
The food has been good, I've discovered my new favourite dessert- las roscitas.
I'd say that's all for now; I just thought a little update may be a good idea.
Oh, and I'm sweating like never before! :) Yet everyone around me is wearing long pants and sweaters.

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Hurray! You have arrived. So is that Chapultapec Park? I think I need more information on this Rositas specialty. Tengo hambre!

by Lahlissa

Hey Anna! Where is that pick taken? I went somewhere that kind of looks the same...

by rona007

pic*** lol

by rona007

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